Improving healthcare
by easily and securely
sharing critical data
Simplify medical record release,
referral, and intake for patients


Connecting Patients + Providers

With Sync.MD, patients become the hub of the health information exchange

Sync.MD is a mobile Personal Health Record (PHR) platform that enables patients to securely obtain, store, and share their electronic health information. Sync.MD connects Providers to their Patients and to other Providers


Sync.MD offers advanced functionality and utility that enhances data sharing between disconnected systems


Collect and share important patient information to improve scheduling, revenue cycle management, record transfer, appointment preparation, and over all patient care


Reduce walk-ins, phone calls, and streamline workflows related to patient record release through secure mobile technology


Patients can request from or share records with any provider, regardless of their electronic medical record system

Advanced, Secure, Patient-focused mobile technology

Simplify and digitize record release, retrieval, referral, and intake processes

Release of Information

Release of Information

Secure, compliant platform to release records from any EHR system directly to a patient

Records Intake

Records Intake

Enable patients to acquire and share their outside records for more engaged visits



Reduce patient frustration by providing easily sharable copies of their records; close billing cycle loops through secure digital record sharing

Patient Experience

Patient Experience

Improve communication, transparency, and patient engagement with Sync.MD

Improve patient experience and add a layer of security with trusted Sync.MD Identity Verification

Simple, effective Patient Screening and Know Your Patient (KYP) tool

  • Strengthen 2-Factor Identification processes for patient portal access or contactless password resets
  • Safeguard telemedicine communications with verified patient identification
  • Standardize registration and prevent duplicate patient accounts - clean MPI leads to improved patient data integrity, streamlines revenue cycle with fewer denials, and improves patient safety
  • Avoid insurance claim fraud, identity theft, and prescription fraud

Our organization already has an EHR-based Patient Portal - why would we need Sync.MD?

Sync.MD fully complements the functionality of a Patient Portal by providing an effective mechanism for records intake and optimizing referral workflows. Patients can collect and share their outside health information with providers throughout your organization, decreasing appointment wait times and improving visit efficiency. For referrals, patients can be given a transferable copy of their records that can be shared with any provider through the patient's smartphone, reducing staff time spent coordinating records through fax or email.

  • Have instant access to information to make timely, important decisions
  • Lower healthcare costs by reducing repeat laboratory and diagnostic testing
  • Improve care coordination and referral processes through proactive transmission of critical data
  • Simplify efficient transfer of patient information to other facilities for vital services

Sync.MD helps bridge the interoperability gap enhancing the patient experience and ultimately improving care outcomes


  • Place a Sync.MD link or QR Code on your website that directs patients to generate a records request to your organization.
  • Promote Sync.MD to patients prior to upcoming appointments (for records intake) or when referring to outside specialists.
  • With dashboard access, stay In-Sync with patients health records and help manage their information.


21st Century Cures Act Compatible

The 21st Century Cures Act “supports seamless and secure access, exchange, and use of electronic health information.”

The Cures Act also intends to better connect patients with their healthcare information.

Sync.MD is compliant with HIPAA, HITECH, the VA Mission Act, and satisfies Cures Act requirements by empowering patients to control their health records.

Secure by Design

Secure by Design

Sync.MD utilizes enhanced, patented security methods and encryption protocols to ensure data is protected.

Sync.MD services and data are hosted and stored on Microsoft Azure cloud platform with built-in multilayered security and intelligent threat protections.