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SyncMD Secure by Design

Connecting Attorneys + Clients

Submit a valid patient-access request that conforms to HITECH regulations

Sync.MD is a mobile PHR platform that enables patients to securely obtain, store, and share their electronic health information.
By having patients initiate the request process and consent to your office being ‘In-Sync’ with their account, you receive immediate and ongoing access to their requests and health records in real time.
Sync.MD can help provide you and your firm with a more effective level of process management.
Sync.MD provides your firm with a unique invite link or QR code that can be shared with your clients to direct them through our Mobile App installation process. Clients will become “In-Sync” with your firm.
Simple process to sign-up your clients:
  • Sync.MD link is sent to client (the patient)
  • Client downloads Sync.MD to their smartphone
  • Your client is prompted to become ‘In-Sync’ with your office at the start of the registration process, consenting to your full access to their account
  • Sync.MD verifies the account for record-requests by collecting user information, photo-ID, and electronic signature
  • Your client’s requests and health records will automatically be shared with your office
Since the patient receives the records, the electronic HITECH rate always applies.
Digital processes provide smooth electronic workflows for requesting, monitoring, receiving records.
Request and delivery status are visible through the Sync.MD dashboard.
Sync.MD utilizes enhanced, patented security and encryption protocols to ensure data is protected.
Request monitoring and follow-up, regular status updates, and personalized communication.
  • Direct clients to collect their medical records and share them instantly
  • Monitor the real-time status and responses to your clients’ requests through your Sync.MD dashboard
  • Assist your client with requesting records:
    • Determine the Dates-of-Service
    • Customize the records or information being requested
    • Review and validate the client’s request form
    • Confirm submission and track request status
Medical facilities will receive a HIPAA and HITECH-compliant Sync.MD dashboard request from the patient to deliver records directly to their Sync.MD account.