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Sync.MD is a mobile Personal Health Record (PHR) platform that enables patients to securely collect, store, and share their electronic health information

Perfect for Traveling

Securely store your prescriptions, vaccinations, allergies, blood type, medical history, and current conditions and treatments with Sync.MD BEFORE you travel!

Illness or emergencies while traveling can be extremely stressful and even dangerous because basic health information is not available when unfamiliar doctors or caregivers need it. Sync.MD is a secure mobile app that allows you to store and easily share your medical records instantly – anywhere, anytime.

  • Have critical health records available when and where you need them!
  • Provide access for family or emergency contacts to your records
  • Securely request and store health records
  • Import or scan documents directly into your phone
  • Multiple record sharing options
    • - Quickly share remotely or in person
    • - One-step exporting

Mobile personal health records for patients ensures immediate availability of vital information in any setting

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Why Sync.MD?


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Travel Operators

Sync.MD provides simple, secure, compliant technology to ensure your clients have their medical information available when and where needed

  • Securely collect, store, and access patient information when needed
  • Travelers obtain and aggregate their medical records
  • Easy to share records with any provider
  • Patients become hub of their medical information
Secure by Design

Secure by Design

Sync.MD utilizes enhanced, patented security methods and encryption protocols to ensure data is protected.

Sync.MD services and data are hosted and stored on Microsoft Azure cloud platform with built-in multilayered security and intelligent threat protections.