Simplify medical record
collection and
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Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), Functional Service Providers (FSPs), and Life Science Companies can utilize Sync.MD as a tool to request PCP, Urgent Care, ED, and other core medical records for pre-review or clinical support documentation of trial participants.

With Sync.MD, you can:

  • Generate a fully HIPAA-compliant request – eliminate mistakes on authorization form, does not require an expiration date, utilizes patient electronic signatures
  • Easily track delivery, status, and completion of requests – know status at any time
  • Full Sync.MD support – tracks and follows up on all requests for completion
  • Digital information exchange – no paper!
  • Records are delivered to patient and shared with researchers – full transparency of records
  • Sync.MD works with research organizations to ensure IRB compliance
  • Patient can continue to use Sync.MD to collect, store, and share medical info – more patient engagement and improved outcomes


How it works:

Digitize medical record collection workflows and document collection through secure, mobile technology
  • Patients collect and share their previous medical records with investigators
  • Investigator and Research Coordinators can assist with records collection
  • Patient retains all documentation for their personal use
  • Investigators can return data to the patient once the trial is over

Technology that assists in decentralizing clinical trials to improve patient experience

Promotes easy, transparent, and secure collaboration between patient, provider, and research organization

Secure by Design

Secure by Design

Sync.MD utilizes enhanced, patented security methods and encryption protocols to ensure data is protected.

Sync.MD services and data are hosted and stored on Microsoft Azure cloud platform with built-in multilayered security and intelligent threat protections.