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This facility is compatible with Sync.MD
Record Release Process

To request your records:

  1. Enter your phone number to receive a unique link

    The link has everything you need to send a request for records.

    qr code
    Point the phone’s camera at the QR Code
  2. Install the Sync.MD mobile app and register

    The Sync.MD App will walk you through the request process.

  3. Create and send your request using Sync.MD

    Customize your request by asking for specific medical documents, sign on your screen, and send your request.

Our service allows you to get medical records from the Greenville’ clinics.

For example, to get data from THE CHILDRENS CLINIC you can use our mobile app

Prisma Health


Lisa Tan Clayton, MD

Description doctor 1

890 South Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville, SC 29607

864-271-1450 86

Geriatric Hospital Medicine

Geriatric Hospital Medicine

Michael Parmer, DO

Description doctor 1

32 Heather Way, Greenville, SC 29605

864-522-1950 86

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